'So Close (More and More)'

Just your presence is enough
Not a means to further ends
I’ll never grasp what’s infinite
But give me all that I can stand

I think wonder sometimes gets lost in the pursuit of certainty. The more we seek verifiable understanding, the less room we leave for mystery as a means to true knowing. And so with God. We have this habit of organizing Him into theologies that help us make finite sense of infinite things. And then don’t have to wonder.

I’m a theology guy. I have such appreciation for the academic knowing of God. But I’ve found that if I’m not careful, theology can begin to obscure my wonder as I tend towards settling into the safety found in what I can explain, so as to never have to enter into the wild of the Unexplainable. But I wasn’t meant to live that spiritually domesticated. There is perceived comfort in my tidy theological boxes, but if they’re the end rather than the means, I’ll never really experience Him.

C.S. Lewis wrote allegorically of God, “Safe? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good.” There’s a holy danger involved in wading into the depths of His mystery, but it’s there we find out just how good He really is.

I wrote this song with my friends Ryan Kennedy and Melanie Tierce. It was such a fun write and I’m grateful for the ways it compels me to put down my need for understanding just enough to wander into His mysteries and wonder at His glory.